Gruyères Castle

dating back to the 13th century this castle is listed as the second most visited one in Switzerland after the Chillon Castle, on the banks of Lake Geneva.

The medieval Castle of Gruyère was made into a museum only in 1938 and opened to the public eye. It is hosting prestigious paintings that bear witness to its long and rich history.

Through a visit to the castle, you will be taken back in time to the medieval times while discovering its treasures mainly the elegant stained-glass windows dates from the Middle Ages, capes which were owned by Charles the Bold’s Knights, paintings by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, the wall hangings authorized by the bailiffs under the Ancien regime, and the troubadour decorations of the Knights’ Room.

Close to the castle, in the town of Gruyères, the traditional chalet-style houses are located, art galleries, souvenir shops. Therefore, you may stroll around them or to enjoy a tasty dish of the famous Swiss fondue at one of the chalet-style restaurants.

In the heart of Gruyeres village, inside the St. Germain castle, the H.R. Giger Museum is located. This museum can fascinate the visitors with the largest and most impressive collection of the Swiss artist’s surrealistic works: pictures, sculptures and furniture are displayed in the shape of an exhibition, combining the reality and fantasy of the past and future.

La Maison du Gruyère

The cheese factory in Gruyeres town will invite you to discover all the secrets about the locally made cheese. Unveil the mystery of the most excellent products that can be found only in Switzerland. It is home to the prominent Gruyères cheese "Le Gruyère AOP", where you will taste three differently aged delicious pieces of cheese.

Cheese Dairy in Moléson’s Mountain

You are invited to get a closer acquaintance to the authentic Swiss cheese-making process and traditions in the cosy atmosphere of a Swiss chalet dating back to 1686. Besides, you will delve into the delicate world of tasting one of the Gruyère specialities: like the traditional Swiss “moitié-moitié” fondue and formidable meringue with La Gruyère double cream, alongside milk chocolate.

Maison Cailler

The chocolate factory in Broc will take you in a real adventurous world of famous Swiss chocolate during an about one-hour tour leads you through the history of chocolate, from Aztec cocoa ceremonies to the innovations of nowadays.

Indulge yourselves into the real and pure feeling of touching and witnessing the raw materials during the second part of the tour. At the end of the trip, you will be rewarded the chance of limitless flavouring chocolates. Also, here you will have an optional opportunity to participate in workshops for all ages.

Old town of Bulle

It is a historic town in the heart of Gruyère. The visitor can admire monuments, Baillival Castle (Bulle), Bulle Gruyère Museum and Library, among other historic buildings. Various events take place here year-round, such as the Thursday’s market in Bulle, the "Bénichon" in Allières in July, the Gastronomy fair “Goûts & Terroirs" which take place in autumn and considered the largest gastronomic fair in Switzerland.

Not far from the city, in the East of Bulle, you can discover the Bouleyres forest or the family ski resort of Bulle - La Chia. At the edge of Lake Gruyère, Morlon Beach is another interesting place one can explore, as well as the Poor people’s path (Sentier des Pauvres) which runs along the La Trême river.


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